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Applications Engineer Jobs

PAE's and FAE's provide technical and product design support to customers for a FAB or Fabless chip company, or a semiconductor sales / representative company.

Backend / Layout Design Jobs

Backend design involves the key steps in the IC design process that relates to the finishing stages of a circuit design, such as floorplanning, place and route, layout, etc.

EDA, CAD Engineer Jobs

Electronic Design Automation is the category of engineering tools used for design of integrated circuits and printed circuit boards, from circuit design to mask generation.

Device, Process, Materials Jobs

Semiconductor device, process and materials engineering involves the development of Devices with a focus on materials, properties, techniques used in production, etc.

IC Design Engineering Jobs

IC design and development involves utilizing EDA tools for the logic and design techniques required to design complex semiconductor devices and integrated circuits.

Fab, Equipment, Ops Jobs

Device fabrication, manufacturing, production and assembly is the complex process used to create ICs, usually in a plant / Fab, laboratory, or clean room.

Product / Test Engineering Jobs

Product and Test Engineering provides engineering product and testing support for an IC device through all phases of product development and manufacturing.

Quality, Reliability, FA Jobs

IC quality ensures devices meet a set of predetermined design and manufacturing standards with respect to a given specification or series of specifications.

Sales and Marketing Jobs

Sales and marketing functions are responsible for new business development, sales, account management, and technical / strategic marketing of devices.

Software Engineer, DSP Jobs

Software engineering and Digital Signal Processing (DSP) functions involve numerous software related activities for the functioning of integrated circuits.

Systems, Hardware Jobs

Semiconductor Systems and Hardware Engineers perform systems level analysis and simulation, architecture, hardware design, and technology integration.